Dominik Schubert is a visual artist, graphic designer and illustrator with a soft spot for anything cheer- and colourful. With a background in architecture, he has built his very own and very distinct world of dreamy chaos and fabulous lunacy.

Dominik runs two design projects – ASIT, a creative playground where the sky is blue, the beer is cold und hearts are full; and THE GREAT CREATIVE SHARK, ASIT’s younger yet noticeably mature brother, who takes care of the family business and provides worldwide design and illustration services.

„Stay true“ is what he preaches, some of you might know. But what is really at the heart of this is a deep conviction that living life to the fullest, being self-reliant and taking measures to help make this world a more worthwhile place are the key prerequisites for heartfelt happiness. Do what you love, love what you do … you get the drift. Value honesty, show respect and bring some endurance – life is a mad ride, but it is worth it.

He lives and works in Vienna.

For illustrations represented by

Kombinatrotweiss GmbH
Kleine Rittergasse 11
60594 Frankfurt

+49 (0)69 756 655 — 0

Fotocredit: Christian Reister (

Things that made me proud:

ASIT my Vernissage ——— October 2020 ——— Hypo Tirol Zentrale IBK

Feature in THE HAPPY ZINE ——— 2021 ——— Publisher FORWARD

Porträt der Woche (Portrait of the Week) ——— 2021 ——— PAGE online

Feature in SLANTED Magazine ——— 2021 ——— #38 COLOURS

Artwork selected to represent AUSTRIA in the Swatch Calling project at Expo Dubai ——— 2021

Feature in PAGE online ——— 2022 ——— MONTHS

100 Beste Plakate DACH ——— 2019 & 2021 ——— Finalist
Donald McDonald (2019), Dare To Be Colourful Series (2021)

Feature in KURIER Online ——— 2022

Feature in HOMEBOUND New Wave ——— 2022

Feature in SLANTED (HP) NEWS-section ——— 2022 ——— MONTHS

WINNER Poster 83. Hahnenkamm Races ——— 2023

Feature in PAGE online ——— 2022 ——— HYPO ELYSIUM Art Project (Innsbruck)

Artist Watch Design & Live Painting/Performance ——— 2022 ——— Swatch Store Opening, Kärntner Straße, Vienna

Feature in PAGE online ——— 2023 ——— MONTHS 2

Feature in SLANTED (HP) NEWS-section ——— 2023 ——— MONTHS 2

STAY TUNED ——— to be continued 🙂


Clients I have worked with:

ATOMIC // BEAT THE STREET // Bridgestone // BKW // BWT // CHABESO // GÖSSER // Hahnenkamm Races // HYPO TIROL BANK AG // Interwetten // Kunstverein Peter Willburger // Longines // RAUCH // WM Saalbach 2023 // WM Seefeld 2019 // SEAT // St. Moritz Ski-WM 2017 // Swatch // Swiss-Ski // TEMPUR // TRILUX // UBS // VELTINS // VW // Western Union // WWP Golf Trophy // WWP Group // ÖSV

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