Murals and digital Versions for some cool Merch.

A little background: Vienna’s nightlife is a mosaic of diverse societal spheres merging as one. Hansi, Sissi, Franz and Mizzi represent this fusion. Stranger by day, they intertwine into a colorful kaleidoscope of experiences at night. Their quirkiniess is nothing short of a Viennese cultural gem.


… is my latest project resulting out of my recent trip to Japan. Home to Pikachu and Godzilla, it was a place destined to challenge and inspire a Western mind like mine right from the beginning. It brings together my photography and illustration work yet again and amalgamates reality with imagination. For me there seemed to be no boundaries between the two in Japan.

Available at Walter-König-MQ (Vienna), Supalife-Kiosk (Berlin), Leporello Books (Roma).

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TOP OF THE POPS presents my latest illustration work inspired by and following my previous project FRATZEN (German for grimace). This time I’m focussing on actual entities of pop culture: think Homer Simpson, Marilyn Monroe or The Terminator. It’s meant to be an hommage to the grandeur of such everlasting icons while at the same time enabling a more fun and satirical approach to commercialism.

I’ve selected a small number out of 90 motives to be screen-printed. 600 x 500 cm. On Munken rough 300 paper.
Starting with Homer.

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In a world where monocular giants like to enjoy a well-deserved break in a rooftop swimming pool in Barcelona, a pink dinosaur spends entire afternoons gambling at an arcade in Budapest and gangs of pigeons vie for their spot in a fully furnished living room on the streets of Vienna, there’s really no need to deal with the incomprehensibility of life. Everything is just a fog of confusion and maybe that’s really not as bad as it sounds.

MONTHS 2 adds to the first edition, which was published in 2022. This time it features photography, illustration and — as a new element — collages.

Available at Walter-König-MQ (Vienna), Supalife-Kiosk (Berlin), BTWNLNS (Sydney).

→ featured in: Page online, SLANTED online

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This assembly of photographs — some of them boldly paired with my own scribbles — is a friendly invitation to spend some playground time with your imagination. A4, 70 pages, limitation 60 (marked und numbered).

Available at Walter-König-MQ (Vienna), Never-Stop-Reading (Zürich), Supalife-Kiosk (Berlin), BTWNLNS (Sydney).

→ featured in: Page online, KURIER online, SLANTED online

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A chaotic tribute to the literal and metaphorical colourfulness of some of my idols, who were/are never afraid to show their true colours: Elvis Presley, Falco, David Bowie, and Tyler, The Creator

→ featured in: SLANTED Magazine #38 COLOURS


My forever ongoing design project ASIT has always been a place where boldness and eccentricity are free to roam. It’s a warm home to all the wonderful quirks that make us human. This endearing crowd is a reminder that everybody is different — and that’s what makes life full of colour. 


When people think of Pac-Man, most remember an 80’s arcade game, but to me it is one big shimmery cloud of nostalgia. A grey bunch of memories rotating around hours after hours in front of pixelated screens in smoke-drenched pubs with my dad that would be rewarded with screeching-red eyes and an irretrieveable feeling of happiness.

A special collector’s-card version of Choker in Japanese pays tribute to the roots of the original game and emphasises my sweet spot for Japanese culture.

Original [ASIT-WARS-COLLECTORS-CARD-DECK]: oil crayon on cartridge paper, 321 x 455 mm.

HIGHLIGHTS of previous years.
… stay tuned 🙂

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