A satirical hommage to the Tyrolean landscape, architecture, culture and way of life.

150 m² billboard, underground garage

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The branding is intended to pave the way for a modern, fresh, multifunctional use – a clear design language in the style of the Bauhaus movement (founded by Walter Gropius in 1919) functioned as a role model. At the centre of the design stands the dark blue logo square in various colour intensities. For this purpose, a total of nine different squares were designed – based on a toolbox of basic geometric shapes – which, in analogy to the claim Unsere Landesbank, communicate themes that are important to Hypo Tirol, the people, and the people that live in Tyrol/the Tyroleans.

Our Traditions, Our Nature, Our Landesbank, Our People, Our Goals, Our Economy, Our Employees, Our Sustainability, Our Future.

The symbol squares can be combined at will, thus allowing for an exciting and flexible surface design with unmistakable recognition value.

HIGHLIGHTS of previous years.
Design strategies // Conception // Illustration // Branding // Retouch.

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